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Info :
Drive Explorer is just a simple small program that shows all the drives presented on your computer. It scans your machine for all drive devices and showes a few information about them. I created this when learning more about getting information about CD drives that I needed for another project (watch for more). As this program is freeware you can freely distribute it. If you like this small utility, feel free to give me a notice to
Drives information :
Well, let's see what this program can tell you:
Drive letter of the current drive, small icon represents the drive type
there are few types of drives that you can have in your computer:
removable usually drives with removable diskettes (ea. Floppy, ZIP, etc.)
fixed Hard Drives or in fact its partitions
network drives connected to the computer through local network
cd drive not only CD-ROM but also CD-R, CD-RW or DVD drives (system don't care, at least not on this level)
ram disk virtual disk created in memory of computer
there are also 2 other states, that can occur:
<can't get> system was unable to obtain information about type of the drive [I've never got this message]
<n/a> the drive is not available (this could happen when the drive disappears during the scanning) [you should not get this message]
showes the name of the current disk or partition (Volume Label)
here you can see some program messages as well:
<no label> the disk has no label
<disabled> getting label is normally disabled for removable drives (it takes some time until the system finds out there's no diskette in the drive), you can enable it in options
<n/a> error while trying to get volume label
Description description of the disk as it stores your system (only for removable, fixed and cd drives), displaying description can be turned off (see Options)
Options :
Drive Explorer has only a few options to set:
Show diskette label enables getting labels of removable drives (defaultly disabled)
Show drive description enables showing drive description
Refresh on drive change refreshes the list of drives whenever any drive state changes (ea. you insert or remove a CD)
Refresh on new option refreshes the list when you change one of the options (one of the first two...)
Stay on top makes the window stay over all other opened windows
Keyboard :
Here are those few shortcuts that can ease your work:
F1 displys this help.
F5 as usually this refreshes the drive list.
ENTER when you choose one drive from list and press ENTER, you can browse it. The same happens when you double-clicks on it.
Ctrl-X closes the whole program, you can close it by hitting ESCAPE es well.
Each item in Options menu has its own shortcut (you won't need them much often):
F7 Show diskette label
F8 Show drive description
F9 Refresh on drive change
F10 Refresh on options change
F12 Stay on top
History :
As the time passed or What's new:
Welcome DriveExplorer!
Contact :

Programmed by FunTOM

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